How Many Gallons of Gasoline Does Your Waste Facility Accept Each Day?

One ton of municipal solid waste has as many Btus (unit of heat) as more than 100 gallons of gasoline. Let that sink in for a minute… Now, how many tons of municipal solid waste does your facility manage every day, month, year? Now, convert that to gallons of gasoline.

  • How quickly and how much dirt can you move?
  • Do you have dedicated dirt stockpiles available near the working face where fires are most likely to originate?
  • How many gallons of foam will the responding fire department units have at their disposal?

Evora Consulting can help answer these questions and more to develop a site-specific Landfill Fire Mitigation Plan that will better prepare your staff and emergency responders to implement an effective and coordinated response.

Landfill Fire Mitigation training with landfill staff and local emergency responders.

Start getting prepared by asking some focused and challenging questions – We can help!