Spring Cleaning at your Landfill

Whether today’s forecast is making you feel frigid or hopeful, we’ve got some tips to help kick-start a spring cleanup at your landfill.

Freeze/thaw cycles are really hard on hoses associated with your gas and leachate collection systems. Spring is a great time to check hoses for cracks and perform any needed maintenance and replace hoses as necessary. Also, make sure they are properly supported, so they will positively drain and not accumulate fluid.

During the spring rains, your sedimentation ponds are probably full, but once the rains subside, check if your ponds need to be cleaned out.  You may need a long-reach hoe and a dump truck with a tailgate to handle the “soup”, but you can regain much-needed capacity for the next wet season.

Frozen conditions and freeze/thaw cycles can wreak havoc on any penetrations through your landfill cap. Thus, spring is a good time to check on the seals surrounding penetrations through the cap to make sure they are intact and limiting emissions. This is especially important if you are subject to NSPS regulations and/or surface emission monitoring. And while you are out on the cap, check to see if any repairs are needed.