Buena Vista County Landfill Compliance Program Case Study

Site History:
The Buena Vista County Sanitary Landfill had two separate closure permits, with the first closure permit to expire on October 27, 2017. Appendix I monitoring had already been initiated, one monitoring well had statistically significant levels (SSLs) above the Groundwater Protection Standards for two metals. Additionally, leachate collection was actively occurring in the MSWLF unit closed in 2008.

Results from Evora Consulting’s Landfill Compliance Program:
Evora Consulting identified the site as a candidate to move towards ending post closure. Our team met with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to discuss a path forward. This included extending the expiring permit by two years. Additionally, Evora Consulting developed a site-specific GWPS, installed subsurface methane monitoring probes, initiated a monitoring program to assess if groundwater is being impacted following the cessation of leachate collection and delineated portions of their waste boundary.

The Buena Vista County Sanitary Landfill Commission received DNR approved permit changes which included:

  • Approval to temporarily cease leachate collection from the east unit.
  • Groundwater monitoring was reduced from Appendix I semi-annually from eleven monitoring wells to annual sampling from two monitoring wells for one metal from one well and two metals from the other well.
  • Engineering inspections and reporting were reduced from semi-annually to annually.
  • Post closure cost estimate was reduced by a large amount making the post closure fund significantly over funded.
  • The first closure permit was rescinded, and inspections of the west unit were included as a special provision in the east unit permit.

Compliance Program Cost Savings Estimated to Date at: $13,000/ annually.