The time for meeting your local fire departments and landfill 101 education isn’t when things are “hot!” Site specific landfill fire risk management training identifies the risks and hazards that fires present for operators, responders, regulators, and consultants.

The National Fire Incident Reporting System, reports an average of 8,400 landfill fires each year. This includes refuse disposal areas, trash receptacles, and dumps in open ground. One in 200 fires will escalate to a major incident.

Call about Landfill Fire Risk Management Training that:

  • Is site specific.
  • Brings the local fire departments for response out to the landfill.
  • Allows landfill staff and emergency officials to interact outside of emergency situations.
  • Outlines roles of those involved in the response.
  • Evaluates available resources and locations for tools needed for response.
  • Looks at ways to minimize fire risk and fire escalation.

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