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Joe Farris

Joe Farris

Client Operations Specialist

Evora’s lead instructor for landfill operator training, Joe Farris, got his introduction into the solid waste industry at the young age of two watching his parents, John and Lynn run the DeKalb County Landfill in DeKalb, IL.

Joe’s professional career started in 2007, with a national waste management firm as a gas technician, where he focused on environmental compliance of methane gas operations for multiple landfills in the Midwest. Additionally, Joe oversaw the management of leachate recirculation and gas to energy programs at the sites.

In 2009, Joe became Operations Manager with the same company at one of their largest landfills in Illinois, and for over 10 years, he provided oversight, direction, and leadership for the site’s landfill operators, managed fiscal budgets and supported educational programs.

When his family relocated to Des Moines in 2018, Joe continued his waste management career at Iowa’s largest landfill, which processed nearly 3,000 tons of MSW daily. Joe managed the site’s $15 million operating budget, long term capital projects and equipment purchases, strategic planning and presentation of corporate training refreshers focused on improved compaction and operational strategies to meet production targets.

Joining Evora in 2019, Joe brings a unique background and his on-the-job experience to elevate the methodologies and instruction of Evora’s landfill operator training classes as well as his role as Client Operations Specialist. Evora’s Chief Operations Officer, Chris O’Brien describes Joe’s role as a unique benefit. “Having an instructor who has spent 12+ years in the same role he is instructing is a huge asset to the operators in his class; instruction can expand off the textbook and into the real-world teaching – a training experience like no other offered in Iowa.”

Joe’s approach to training and consulting includes core principals he believes each site needs. “It doesn’t matter if your landfill processes 100 or 5,000 tons per day - safety, compliance, compaction and customer service all need to work together”. He remarks that he has been around long enough to see and do just about everything around a landfill and is excited for where the industry is going and the opportunity to serve the Midwest.

Training Specialties Include: 

Landfill Operator Certification and Renewal (IA)
Operations and Safety Training

kevin Jensen

Kevin Jensen

Environmental Compliance Lead

“Routine and effective training is key to maintaining environmental compliance and safe operations at industrial and commercial facilities.”

Kevin Jensen has led educational training programs throughout his 10-year career as an environmental compliance professional. Before earning his Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa State University in 2011, he interned at Fort Dodge Animal Health where he developed new training programs for their EHS department. After graduation, he joined John Deere Des Moines Works as an environmental technician, providing compliance training to over a thousand manufacturing personnel in the fields of hazardous and universal waste management, stormwater pollution prevention, SPCC compliance, and chemical safety. Additionally, he assisted manufacturers and foremen daily to ensure that various waste streams were handled and disposed of accordingly.

In 2014, Kevin joined global agricultural origination and processing company, ADM, as an environmental coordinator. In that role he led the environmental compliance program over multiple operations including grain handling and crushing, solvent extraction and refinement of soybean oil, coal and natural gas co-generation operations, and laboratory testing wastes. Kevin was also responsible for annual personnel trainings on hazardous and universal waste management, stormwater pollution prevention, SPCC compliance, and chemical safety.

Over the past 6 years as Environmental Compliance Lead with Evora Consulting, Kevin’s extensive background in compliance has supported his client’s goals and regulatory responsibilities which he continues to bring with him into the training classroom. Kevin works closely with solid waste, industrial, and petroleum facility operators providing required annual trainings as well as developing custom environmental training programs to meet their operational needs. As a Project Manager, he implements strategies that support landfill and superfund site compliance, environmental due diligence, and groundwater data analysis and reporting, as well as various other air, land, and water quality monitoring and reporting projects.

Training Specialties include:

Appliance Demanufacturing (IA)
Landfill Operator Certification and Renewal (IA)
UST Operator Training Certification and Renewal (IA, NE, IL)
Annual Stormwater Pollution Prevention (IA)
SPCC Compliance Training (IA, NE, IL)
Hazardous and Universal Waste Management

Mark Mayhew

Mark Mayhew

Senior Environmental Analyst

As Senior Environmental Analyst for Evora Consulting, Mark Mayhew brings his extensive experience in compliance management and data analysis to solid waste, industrial and petroleum facilities. His knowledge of current and developing federal, state and local regulations has provided him the opportunity to see how regulations apply to various situations and have a broader picture of the evolution of the rules, applicability and interpretations – ensuring clients are compliant with all regulations at all times. His experience extends to special projects such as greenhouse gas reporting and air emissions/Title V permit compliance.

Over the past 5 years, Mark has lead various training programs from Underground Storage Tank Operator Training and workplace safety.

Training Specialties include:

UST Operator Training Certification and Renewal (IA, NE, IL)

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